Axiom Power
Trusted Electricity Consulting | Texas, USA


Not all businesses are created equal.


We have helped customers in many different industries achieve tremendous electricity savings. Our experience has given us a great understanding of how certain factors affect each business differently and we work to create a custom plan that best suits your business.


New Client?

There is little required in becoming a customer. If you pay an electricity bill in a deregulated area, we can help. Chances are we have already helped another business in your industry. If you would like us to furnish references, more than likely we can provide them from customers in your related field.

industries we serve

Restaurants, commercial property owners, manufacturers, hotels, churches, gas stations, self-storage locations, day-care centers, auto-repair facilities and many more.

texas energy market

The energy market in Texas allows us to work in most major cities. We have providers that can supply power to cities such as Houston, Dallas, Laredo, Odessa, Midland. We can also supply pricing to cities in regions such as South Texas, West Texas, North Texas, and parts of Central Texas.


Axiom Power is a licensed aggregator with the Public Utility Commission of Texas


Our Process For Serving You

By choosing Axiom Power, we will place your electricity contract up for competition with several of our trusted electricity providers. When companies compete for your business, you win. By managing all the bids, we can pre-qualify your business by determining what may be needed to receive the final approval. Many times we are able to help avoid paying large deposits, and pesky fees. Some of the many benefits of getting electricity quotes from Axiom Power.

We all know that when you buy in bulk you get a greater discount. This remains true in the energy world. If your business has multiple locations, we can begin the aggregation process by structuring different contracts for each location, resulting in all locations renewing together. By combining all accounts into one large contract, you gain more buying power and bigger energy savings.


detailed services

  • Educate customers in understanding all aspects of each supply agreement.
  • Provide detailed market analysis so clients can make the most informed decision.
  • One-stop-shop to save time and money in a very complex and ever changing industry.
  • Pre-qualify customers with suppliers that have the financial security and ability to support their contract obligations, and your needs.
  • Monitor every step of the process, from meter switch, to billing accuracy, and ultimately contract expiration.


  • Aggregate multiple locations into one large contract to obtain even lower pricing.
  • In depth knowledge and close relationships with several different Retail Electric Providers.
  • Outstanding service aimed at keeping customers for many years to come.
  • Customers in many different business industries, leading to greater cost saving ideas and increased market knowledge.
  • Closely monitor market changes to help customers maximize savings and minimize risk.