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About Us


what we do

At Axiom Power, we pride ourselves on taking all the necessary precautions needed to keep our customers satisfied for years to come. Being an electricity broker, our job is to compare energy rates and plans for commercial and residential customers to save them time and money. We represent several different energy providers and offer a non-biased opinion regarding your energy needs. All of the retail electricity providers we represent have been carefully reviewed to ensure strong moral standards and financial stability.

axiom's beginnings

In 1999, Texas Governor George Bush signed Senate Bill 7, creating competition in the retail sale of electricity. Customers of the old monopolies, Texas Electric (TXU) and Houston Light and Power (Reliant), now have a choice on who supplies their power. Beginning January 1st, 2002, you can choose your energy provider. The main objective was to enhance competition and innovation in the delivery of electricity. Thus, Axiom Power was born. Our job is to ensure this competition is fair and equal.


our belief in simplicity

With electricity costs being such a large expense for your business or residence, choosing an energy provider is a major decision. We understand the many factors that are involved in determining energy prices. However, relaying that information can be difficult. We will take the time to explain these factors, because your choice is imperative to your bottom line.

our mission

With dozens of different companies to choose from, the process can be exhausting and overwhelming. Your time is extremely valuable. We are your “one-stop-shop.” With the different plans and incentives available, choosing an energy broker who understands your complex needs, and can translate these options is priceless. Let us take the time and do the research, so you can focus your energy elsewhere. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.